The Texas West Africa Chamber of Commerce (TWACC) was officially launched on April 22nd, 2019 in Houston Texas at City Hall's Legacy Room. More than 300 people came out that evening to witness the historical event. Under strong acclamation the President of TWACC claims that “tonight, for the first time in history, we now have an economic platform that will empower the economic integration of west African in the United states” in his opening remark.

Led by a strong executive team, TWACC also unites 21 members in its board of directors wherein each of 15 countries in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) zone are represented. TWACC aims to play a central role in the growth of economic exchanges between Texas and West African countries.

High profile political, civil and business figures attended the ceremony to show their indefectible support; among many others, the following institutions and their respective representatives were present to the event:

     •    City of Houston: Mayor Mr. Sylvester Turner

     •    4 West African Embassies were represented:

          o    Burkina Faso: Mr. Herman Toe, first counselor of the embassy.

          o    Senegal: Dr. Momar Diop "Ambassador of Senegal in DC" and two of his economic advisors.  

          o    Guinee: Mr. Mamadou Barry "Economic Advisor to the ambassador".

          o    Cote d’Ivoire: Mrs. Marlene McClinton "Honorary Consulate of the republic of Cote d'Ivoire".'

     •    General and Honorary consulates of the following countries: Qatar, Russia, Guinee Equatorial, Angola, Belgium.

     •    Representatives of U.S Congress: Mr. Al Green, Mrs. Sheila Jackson Lee, Ms. Lizzie Pannil Fletcher; U.S Senator               Rodney Ellis, Ms. Nyamusi Igambi "Director of the Department of Commerce".

     •    Local business institutions such as Small Business Administration (SBA), Office of Business Opportunity (OBO),                 Minority Business Development Agency.

     •    Representatives from public universities and investors from various industries (Energy, Agriculture, Healthcare                 and Tourism).

     •    Etc. During the inaugural ceremony, present authorities unanimously endorse the vision and guiding principles               of the Chamber. More distinctively, Mayor Sylvester Turner and Ambassador Momar Diop from Senegal                             notoriously declare themselves honorary members of the TWACC during their official remarks to the audience.

           In closing numerous certificates of recognition were awarded to the Chamber.

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